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Alexander Luria and the psychology of the XXIst century


Moscow, 24-27 September, 2002

Dear Colleague,

The year 2002 marks the centenary (100 years) of the birth of Alexander Romanovich Luria (1902 - 1977). To commemorate the life and scientific achievements of this world-renowned psychologist, Moscow State University, in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Education, the Russian Psychological Association and the International Neuropsychological Society, is pleased to announce an International Memorial Conference.

The Second International Luria Memorial Conference will be held from September 24th to 27th, 2002 in Moscow. The conference will include plenary and thematic sessions (oral and poster presentations), round table discussions and evening lectures. A competition will be organized for the papers of students, Ph.D. fellows and young researchers (under 33 years old).

The Conference program will focus on the following main groups of topics:

1. Luria’s contribution to the development of modern psychology in the world (general psychology, developmental psychology, special education, psychogenetics, ethnopsychology, psychophysiology, psycholinguistics).

2. A.R. Luria as a founder of neuropsychology (cognitive neuropsychology, methods of neuropsychychological assessment, developmental neuropsychology, neuropsychological rehabilitation and correction, interhemispheric asymmetry and interaction, neuropsychology of individual differences, neuropsychological studies in conjoint branches of research).

3. The life and work of A.R. Luria - individuals, events, history (main aspects of his scientific biography, collaboration with eminent scientists, evolution of ideas and theories)

Proposals or an abstract of no more than 250 words may be sent by mail, fax or e-mail (e-mail is preferable). The final deadline for submission of proposals is December, 30, 2001; for submission of abstracts, the deadline is March 15, 2002. Proposals will be reviewed by the International Program Committee in consultation with members of International Executive Committee of the Conference.

The International Executive Committee includes: prof. E. Homskaya (Russia) & prof. M. Cole (USA) - Copresidents; prof. T. Ahutina (Russia) - chair of the International Program Committee, prof. M. Bezrukih (Russia), prof. A. Brushlinsky (Russia), prof.A. Christensen (Denmark), prof. A. Dontsov (Russia), prof. D. Feldstein (Russia), prof. J. Glozman, (Russia) - vice-chair of the International Program Committee, prof. H. Goodglass (USA), prof. M. Kabanov (Russia), prof. M. Karvasarsky (Russia), prof. A. Konovalov (Russia), prof. V. Krasnov (Russia), prof. V. Lubovsky (Russia), prof. N. Malofeev (Russia), prof. L. Mecacci (Italy), prof. Yu. Mikadze (Russia) - chair of the Organizing Committee, prof. A. Petrovsky (Russia), prof. K. Pribram (USA), prof. V.Rubtsov (Russia), prof. V. Sadovnichy (Russia), prof. V. Shklovsky (Russia), prof. P. Simonov (Russia), prof. E. Sokolov (Russia), prof. K. Sudakov (Russia),prof. D. Stuss (Canada), prof. A. Tiganov (Russia), prof. A. Thostov (Russia), prof. L. Tsvetkova (Russia), prof. N.Vereshagin (Russia), prof. O. Vinogradova (Russia), prof. J. Wertsch (USA), prof. N. Yahno (Russia), prof. V. Zinchenko (Russia).

The International Program Committee includes: prof. T.Akhutina (Russia) - Chair, prof. J. Glozman (Russia) - Vice-Chair; prof. J. Azcoaga (Argentine), prof. A. Asmolov (Russia), prof. B. Bratus’ (Russia), prof. T. Chernigovskaya (Russia), prof. A. Chernorizov (Russia), prof. J. Das (Canada), prof. S. Enikolopov (Russia), prof. P. Ermakov (Russia), prof. D. Farber (Russia), prof. A. Jdan (Russia), prof. I. Ilyasov (Russia), prof. B. Kaczmarek (Poland), prof. E. Klimov (Russia), prof. N. Korsakova (Russia), prof. B. Kotik, (Israel), O. Krotkova, Ph.D. (Russia), prof. V. Lebedinsky (Russia), prof. A. Leontiev (Russia), prof. M. Magomet-Eminov (Russia), prof. T. Martsinkovskaya (Russia), L. Moscovichute (USA), prof. N. Nikolaenko, (Russia), prof. A. Podolsky (Russia), prof. Yu. Polyakov (Russia), A. Puente, Ph.D. (USA), prof. L. Quintanar (Mexique), prof. T. Stefanenko (Russia), prof. P. Schonle (Germany), prof. E. Sokolov (Russia), prof. L.Tsvetkova (Russia), prof. P. Tulviste (Estonia), D.Tupper, Ph.D. (USA), prof. L.Wasserman (Russia)

The Local Organizing Committee includes: prof. Yu. Mikadze - Chair; M. Kapitsa, Ph.D. - Vice-Chair, E.Balashova, Ph.D., E. Enikolopova, Ph.D., N. Gogitidze, Ph.D., I. Gorina, Ph.D., V. Gudkov, Ph.D., A. Gusev, Ph.D., M. Hrakovskaya, Ph. D., S. Ignatieva, K. Karmenyan, M. Kovyazina, Ph.D., A. Kritchivets, D.Sc., M. Maximenko, Ph.D., Z. Melikyan, L. Nazarova, Ph.D., G. Plahtienko, N. Polonskaya, Ph.D., N. Pylaeva, Ph.D., E. Radkovskaya, A.Tsyganok, Ph.D. , Yu. Zinchenko, Ph.D.

We plan to publish the abstracts of the papers by the start of the Conference.

Languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Up-to-date information on these and other questions regarding the Conference may be obtained by e-mail <kmp@psy.msu.ru> or phone (095) 2032947 or on the web site: www.psy.msu.ru

The Second Announcement, including information on registration fees and accomodations, will be sent to those who send proposals.



Please complete and return to:

Intern. Luria Memorial Conference

Yu. Mikadze

Organizing Committee

Psychology Department

Moscow University

8 Mohovaya St., b.5,

Moscow 125009, Russia

Fax: ( 095) 203 3593


Name: ______________________________________________


  • under 33 years,
  • over 33 years

Position and affiliations: ___________________________________

Address for correspondence, including area code, fax # and e-mail #: _____________________________________

Choice of Program theme: 1st choice________2nd choice _______

Title of presentation _____________________________________________________________________________

(Photocopy or e-mail copies of this form are acceptable until December 30, 2001)

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