Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Psychology. Lomonosov Moscow State University





  General Courses: History of Russia

Economic Theory
History of Non-Russian Philosophy
Foreign Languages
Political Science
Fundamentals of Russian Law
History and Theory of Religion
Anatomy and Morphology of Central Nervous System
Physiology of Central Nervous System
Physiology of Perceptual Systems
Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity
Advanced Mathematics
Mathematical Methods in Psychology
Computers in Psychology
General Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Laboratory Research in Psychology
Methodological Problems of Experimental Psychology
History of Psychology
Social Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
Methods of Teaching of Psychology
Psychology of Labour
Comparative Psychology and Animal Behaviour
Methodological Problems of Psychology
Introduction to Profession

 General Elective Courses

Introduction to Physical-Chemical Biology
Human Health
Mathematical Psychology
Psychological Principles of Personality Correction
Concepts of Modern Science
The Evolutionary Synergistic Paradigm of Science as a Unifying Factor in Modern Culture
Development of the Soviet Bureaucratic System and Soviet Culture
Political Parties in pre-Revolutionary Russia
Anarchy in Russia (beginning from 20th century)
Russia at the Cross Roads (historical cycles of modernisation and the contemporary period)
Metaphysics of Love in Russian
Religious Philosophy of 19th - 20th Centuries
National Movements and National Politics
Contemporary Political Process in Russia

  Courses on Speciality:

 General Psychology

Cognitive Decision Making and Psychology of Risky Behavior
Psychotechnic Conceptions of Personality
Psychology of Character
Creativity in Gifted People
Introduction to Psychogenetics
Psychology of Attention
Diagnostics of Cognitive and Occupational Aptitudes
Personality and Culture
Visual Communications in TV and Advertisements
Theory and Practice of "Tiefen" Psychology
Contemporary Research in Psychology of Attention
Psychological Theories of Intellect
Studies of Intuitive Categorization
Psychology of Motivation and Goal Formation
Psychology and Hypnology
Contemporary Problems of General Psychology
Theory of Mind as a Process
Personality as Reflected in Movements
Conception of Lev Vygotsky and Modern Psychology
Historical Psychology of Personality
Historiography of Russian Psychology


Basics of Electroencephalography
Computers in Psychophysiology
Physiology of Goal-oriented Behavior in Primates
Psychophysiology of Functional States
Psychophysiology of Human Movements
Psychophysiology of Emotions
Mechanisms of Stress Biorhythms
Social Psychophysiology
Ecological Psychophysiology
Psychophysiology of Memory and Learning
Molecular Mechanisms of Memory
Psychophysiology of Colour Vision

 Clinical Psychology

Fundamentals of Neurology
Fundamentals of Psychiatry
Fundamentals of Psychosomatics
Fundamentals of Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection
Psychological Influences on a Person in Clinical Psychology
Psychology of the Abnormal Child
Rehabilitation and Training of Patients with Brain Damages
Neuropsychology of Childhood
Projective Methods in Personality Investigations
Clinical Electroencephalography
Expert Investigations in Psychology
Somatic Psychology
Introduction to Clinical
Psychology of Delinquent Behaviour
Pathology of Memory
Pathology of Emotions
Clinical Aspects of Personality Disorders
Emotional and Personal Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence
Psychology of Trauma

 Social Psychology

Non-Russian Social Psychology in 20th Century
Psychology of Emotional Relationships
Social Psychology of Personality
Psychology of Small Groups
Economic Psychology
Ethnic Psychology
Process of Investigation in Social Psychology
Psychology of Management
Psychology of Conflicts
Psychology of Mass Media
Qualitative Analysis in Social Psychology
Psychology of Social Studies
Psychology of Science
Fundamentals of Socio-Psychologica Training
Psychological Anthropology
Judicial Psychology
Psychological Consultations for Organisations
Psychological Consultations for Individuals
Psychology of Marketing
Psychology of Advertising
Psychology of Communications in Teaching Process
Psychology of Influence on People  

Industrial Psychology

Fundamentals of Modern Industry
Psychology of Stress
Physiology and Hygiene of Labour
Psychology of Management
Functional States of a Person During Work Activities
Psychological Basis of Professional Training
Methods of Making Contacts with Other People
Fundamentals of Professional Orientation
Occupational Psychology
Ergonomic Designing of Working Places
Ergonomics and Design
Human Behaviour in Crises
Psychology of Interpersonal Communications
Economic Expertise in Scientific Projects
Basics of Marketing. Marketing in Science
Contemporary Migration Process
Decision-Making in Professional Activities
Psychological Basis of Business
History of the Psychology of Labour
Practical Work of Industrial Psychologists
Perceptual Processes in Operators Aptitude Tests

Developmental and Educational Psychology

Theories of Learning
Formation of Mental Activity
Psychological Problems in the Education of Gifted Children
Introduction to Psychological
Consulting of People of Various Ages Non-Russian Educational Psychology
Psychodiagnostics of Intellect
Risk Factors in Mental Development of Children
Methods of Psychological Examination of Children
Psychological Prevention and Training of Teenagers and Adolescents
Psychology of Adolescence
Diagnostics of Personality in School Psychological Services
Psychological Analysis of Learning and Teaching
Psychological Aspects of World-view and Beliefs of an Individual
Psychological Readiness of Children for Studying in School
Psychology of Personality Development in Adolescence
Mental Development of Children with Deep Sensory Defects
Mediation as a Problem of Genetic Psychology
Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Modern Developmental Psychology
Technical Tools and Equipment in the Teaching Process
Contemporary Theories of the Mental Development of Children
Theory and Practice of Psychological Correction of a Personality  

MASTER DEGREE 2 years full time


  • General Psychology
  • Psychophysiology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology

  PhD DEGREE 3 years full time, 4 years part time  


General Psychology and History of Psychology
Psychology of Labour
Clinical Psychology
Social Psychology
Educational and Developmental Psychology
Theory and History of Pedagogic